I Am Human Project

One of the issues closest to my heart is that of trans acceptance. Being a genderqueer person myself, dealing with gender dysphoria, transition, and society’s prejudice against trans people is a personal issue to me and one that I know affects millions of people across the world.

Trans people are often portrayed in stereotypical, predictable ways: we’re seen as jokes, as “men in dresses,” as sexual predators, even invisible, in the case of trans men. We’re rarely seen as simple human beings who have interests outside of our transitions.

That’s why I started the I Am Human project. The goal was to collect the photos of a handful of trans people from the Philadelphia area and create portraits of them in an attempt to humanize trans people, as well as showcase the amazing variety of gender expressions that exist in this community. The project ended up garnering much more interest than I had been anticipating, and I expanded it to include trans and gender nonconforming people from Boston as well.

The participants run the gamut of the gender spectrum, with trans male, trans female, non binary, agender, and other genders included, with a variety of presentations. Each participant also included several personal identifiers with their photos, declaring their identities outside of their gender(s).

This project is still well underway, with a second round of portraits currently being painted! Portraits are posted on all of my social media and portfolio sites, as well as on my blog here, so you have plenty of options to follow along.

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