Hi, I’m Ritchie and I’m the artist behind Rainbow Dust Portraiture!

I’m a queer, genderfluid artist, and I love making art that celebrates and supports the queer community! I enjoy using a variety of mediums, including traditional art (pastel, charcoal, and graphite), digital art, graphic design, and cross-stitch. Most of my work focuses on supporting and promoting the queer community, and some of it can be politically charged or inspired.

Interested in following me on social media, or want to see more of my work? My handles and portfolio sites are below, or you can find a complete list of my links here:

Facebook: Rainbow Dust Portraiture
Instagram: Binary_Bot
Art Station: Rainbow Dust Portraiture

You can support my art by becoming a Patron or buying me a coffee on Ko-fi, or if you’d like a piece of Rainbow Dust art for yourself, please visit my Etsy store!

I also now offer commissions via Commissio, or you can contact me directly via email to discuss a personal project. I offer commissions in cross stitch, digital art, and graphic design.

Thanks for visiting my site, and please feel free to send me an email at rainbowdustportraiture@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to get in touch!

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