Updates to the Resource Section!

Hi everybody! I hope those of you on the East Coast are safe with all of this icy weather going on!

I’m posting today to update you all on the state of the Resources section of the site. Through a lot of help and suggestions from fellow queers and friends, I’ve added several new books, TV shows and in-person/phone resources for those in the queer community who are looking for support or simply more queer media to consume.

The list is getting quite long by this point, and may need to undergo a structural update at some point in the future– maybe I’ll even make a blog post series, going into each section in depth. Feel free to let me know what format you think would be most useful or accessible for you!

Also, please let me know if there are any queer resources, stories, or shows you’ve used that have been helpful, thought provoking, inspiring, or comforting for you. I’d love to add even more resources to the site and make it a real comprehensive resource for all of my visitors. ❤

Check out the Resources section now and let me know your thoughts here or by contacting me at rainbowdustportraiture@gmail.com.

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