New Items Coming to Etsy!

Hi, everyone! I hope all of my American audience had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! It’s been quite cold up here in the northeast, but at least it didn’t snow where we are. πŸ™‚

I’ve been quite busy the past couple of weeks since the market! The event itself was wonderful, and we met a lot of really good crafters and organizations, including our neighboring booth which was selling decorative and useful items out of welded-together horseshoes. Everyone there was so amazingly creative, and it’s always a pleasure to be surrounded by other crafters and fellow small business people.

Over the weekend, since it was a two-day event, I did get the chance to start developing a new product for my Etsy store– it’s a new variety of patch, with a distinct queer flag border and a different octopus design. I currently have 5 available, with the ability to customize your own enabled on the Etsy listing. Check them out here, and make sure to take advantage of Etsy’s Cyber Week codes, like FREESHIPCYBERWEEK to get free shipping until the 26th, or ETSYCYBER2018 which will get you 20% off when you spend $20 or more!

Other items will be coming soon as well, including some of my larger octopi which up until now have only been available at live events, and some more of my classic stickers will finally be available in vinyl! I’m also planning a third patch which I’ll make sure to post here once it’s done.

On a slightly different note, the Resources section of my website has finally been updated! I’ve included various books, websites, organizations, and famous queer people to hopefully offer education and support for any queer people visiting my site, and I plan to regularly add to this page to keep the resources growing. If you know any resources that have been helpful to you or people you know, please feel free to email them along to so I can post them too!

For those of you going out shopping today, have a safe Black Friday, and I’ll see you again soon. πŸ™‚

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